The following is a list of "builders kits" for those modellers who enjoy building a full kit, rather than assemble an ARTF model. Builders kits are sometimes hard to find so this page has been set up to help prospective builders find what they want. The list is compiled from suggestions made by modellers and is intended to contain kits that are reasonably easy to obtain in the UK. No guarantee is intended or implied by the inclusion of a kit in the list. If you know of a kit that is not listed but that can be obtained in the UK (or by easy import) - or if you are a kit manufacturer and are happy to have your contact details displayed on this website - please send the details here






Ben Buckle



available from

Steve Webb Models

Aerodrome RC

Various WWI and Golden Age for electric power

Anyone know about UK availability?

Top Flite

Piper Arrow

Cessna 182 Skylane


Douglas DC-3

Elder 40

F4U Corsair

Giant F4U Corsair

Giant P-47D Thunderbolt

Giant P-51 Mustang

Giant Stinson Reliant

P-47D Thunderbolt

P-40E Warhawk

P-51D Mustang

Sea Fury

Spitfire Mk IX

T-34B Mentor




Sig Dornier Do 217 Electric

Sig Sealane Float

Sig Rascal

Sig Somethin' Extra

Sig Kadet Lt-40

Sig Kadet Mark II

Sig Kadet Senior

Sig Kadet Seniorita

Sig Kadet LT-25

Sig Kavalier

Sig Mid-Star 40

Sig Four-Star 40

Sig Four-Star 60

Sig Four-Star 120

Sig Astro-Hog

Sig Kougar

Sig Fazer

Sig Hog-Bipe

Sig Wonder

Sig Ultimate Fun Fly

Sig Piper 1/4 Scale J-3 Cub

Sig Piper 1/5 Scale J-3 Cub

Sig Piper 1/6 Scale J-3 Cub

Sig Clipped Wing Cub - Large

Sig Clipped Wing Cub - Small

Sig Spacewalker

Sig Spacewalker II

Sig Smith Miniplane

Sig Kobra

Sig King Kobra

Sig Citabria

Sig Hummer


Sig Riser (glider)

Sig Riser 100 (glider)

Sig Ninja (glider)


Great Planes

CAP 232 40


Easy Sport 40

Extra 300S 40

Extra 300S 60

F4U Corsair 40

Giant Extra 330L

Giles G-202 46

P-51D Mustang 40

Patriot XL

Pete 'n Poke 40

Piper J-3 Cub 20, 40 & 60

Profile 38

PT-20/40 MkII


Rapture 40

RV-4 40


SlowPoke Sport 40

Super Skybolt Biplane


Ultimate Bipe 40

Ultra Sport 40 Plus



Tiger Moth

PT-17 Stearman

ASK 8 glider





Bristol F2B


Fokker D7


Fokker DR1



(ATS) Kite

Black Magic

Junior 60

Beaufighter (electric)

Me Bf110 (electric)


DB Sport & Scale


Mick Reeves Models





Available from


Bowman and Complete-A-Pac


Yellow Aircraft


RBC kits

Delta 400
Pou du Ceil  700mm wingspan
Tipsy Nipper 900mm wingspan
AT6 Texan 1260mm wingspan
Spitfire MkII 1100mm wingspan
P51 Mustang 1100mm wingspan
Cessna L19 BirdDog, includes markings
Corby Starlet 1340mm wingspan


EDF models:

Mig 29 for Mini Fan
Skyray for Mini Fan
A4 Skyhawk for Mini Fan
A4 Skyhawk decal set Blue Angels
Ta 183 Huckebein
Yak 23 for Mini Fan includes markings
F35-C for Mini Fan
Blohm and Voss P212
F100 Super Sabre for Mini Fan, includes markings
F22, 850mm wingspan for twin Mini Fan 480s
F7U-3 Cutlass for Midi Fan and lithium packs, includes markings
F4F Panther for Midi Fan, includes markings


Electric models


Available from

Pegasus models


Pegasus models





Models from Germany,

available from

Green Hobby and Model, Dublin

Chris Foss kits

Wot 4

Wots Wot

Acro Wot

Xtra Wot

Uno Wot  


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